The Document Automation Standard

When it comes to the generation of repetitive, rule-based documents, such as contracts, court forms, insurance forms, legal practice documents, or virtually any other type of legal documentation, HotDocs is the clear leader. The founders of HotDocs Corporation pioneered document automation in the late 70s. The company’s first commercial product quickly became a standard among the world’s largest law firms.

Since then, HotDocs has gone on to dominate dozens of global markets, including insurance, banking, and real estate. In fact, almost anywhere rule-based, document automation is mission critical, HotDocs has become standard equipment among enterprises large and small.

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The reason is simple! HotDocs has the most powerful, flexible document automation engine ever unleashed. Couple that with the company’s longevity—two decades of sustained market leadership and growth—and you'll find there’s only one choice for your document automation needs.

Who Uses HotDocs?

  • 15 of the top 30 UK law firms
  • Over 400 Australian law firms
  • 80% of the AM LAW 200
  • 20% of the Fortune 500
  • 8 of the Top 15 Insurance Companies
  • 4 of the Top 5 Banks
  • Thousands of Enterprises Worldwide

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