Corporate Philosophy

HotDocs Corporation and its employees worldwide are dedicated to corporate governance that focuses on improving the communities around us, both locally and globally. We have committed to meeting this important company initiative through:

  • Honest Business Practices: Sound corporate governance and a responsible selection of business partners.
  • Giving Back: Active participation in our global communities and care for the environment.
  • Passion for People: Valuing our employees, providing a positive workplace, and focusing on our employee's success.

By adhering to our core values and working together with the community, HotDocs Corporation and its employees are committed to addressing critical social and economical issues that affect the lives of everyone around us.

Strong Relationships — HotDocs Limited and its employees worldwide focus on creating partnerships with our customers, establishing lasting relationships where possible.

Excellent Service — We endeavour to provide the highest levels of service, to ensure that our customers have the best experience with HotDocs possible.

Open Communication — Customers are our greatest asset, so we make every effort to provide them with the ability to share ideas with us, such as in teh HotDocs user forum. Customer feedback helps us make HotDocs better and better, and we welcome that feedback in whatever form it may come.