HotDocs Developer 10.2 - Power and Flexibility

In the real-world, documents can be incredibly complex. Maybe you’re working on a guaranty request and you need to calculate the total proceeds. Maybe you need to gather a list of descendants and then run a test to see if any of them are minors. If they are minors, you need to include additional language, ask questions for guardians, and possibly include guardian language in the finished document. You get the idea.

This is where HotDocs Developer 10 separates from the pack. With its elegant system architecture and the sheer depth and breadth of its logic engine, HotDocs Developer 10 is a beast, an 800-pound gorilla that out-muscles everything in its class.

What does that mean to you? In short, there’s virtually no document automation task that you can’t complete with HotDocs Developer 10. Put another way, with HotDocs Developer 10 you’ll never have to explain why your technology investment isn’t quite good enough to get the job done.

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Document automation, document assembly