HotDocs Developer 10.2 - Reflexive Interview Design

HotDocs Developer 10 automatically creates a simple interview for each document assembly template—one question for each variable. For most of the industry, that’s the beginning and end of interview functionality. But mission-critical document automation requires much more.

Suppose, for example, you’ve just automated a fifty-page commercial loan contract that has hundreds of simple variables, complex IF/ELSE logic controlling the inclusion/exclusion of dozens of alternate clauses, and multiple layers of repeating variables sprinkled throughout. For such a document, displaying each question independently of related questions would fall just short of dysfunctional.

What you really need—what HotDocs Developer 10 delivers—is reflexive interview design, the ability to replicate the document’s scripting logic in the interview. In other words, variables that are inserted into

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conditional text in the document can be grouped into windows that show up in the interview only when the conditions are met or are added to other windows where they are hidden until they should show up.

This approach allows you to script powerful safeguards into the interview that will enable almost anyone in your enterprise to generate sophisticated, custom documents that won’t require a senior executive’s careful review.