Document Services

HotDocs Document Services gives you an edge over your competition and enables you to adapt to the changing legal climate. Document Services works in conjunction with HotDocs Developer 10.2 and allows you to organize and access your template files in a cloud-based environment.

When you create templates with Developer 10.2, they can be delivered to your Document Services portal site with just the click of a button. You can then email or post links on your website to your Document Services portal, enabling your clients to access and complete their own interviews and answer files, assemble templates, and generate finished documents that you can then review and email back to the client or to other users in your firm.

Document Services delivers all the benefits of the time-tested industry leader in automated document generation. With the reliability of HotDocs, you know you can depend on a secure cloud infrastructure for all your templates and generated documents. Your personalized Document Services platform can grow & adapt to your changing needs and effectively reduce your costs, improve the automation of your workflow,

increase your company’s flexibility, and enable you to provide competitively priced services to your clients.

HotDocs Document Services Chart

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