HotDocs Workspace - Features

User Authentication

HotDocs Workspace's secure environment lets you manage each user’s access to templates, sets of templates, or answer files. In addition to the default forms authentication, HotDocs Workspace also supports Windows authentication

Template Management

HotDocs Workspace administrators can create groups of related templates and then give different groups of users access to those templates

Answer Management

Answers are stored and managed in HotDocs Workspace but can be downloaded to the local computer as needed, and re-used with HotDocs Workspace or with desktop HotDocs products.

Assembled Document Formats

At the end of an interview, HotDocs Workspace allows you to download documents in various formats. If you assemble a document from a word processor template, for example, you can download the assembled document in the native word processor format.

Assembled Document Packages

HotDocs Workspace allows you to download multiple assembled documents individually or as a document package in a single zip archive.

Cross-Browser Support

HotDocs Workspace supports the new Microsoft® Silverlight® interview format, which makes it compatible with any browser that supports Microsoft® Silverlight® 3, such as Internet® Explorer®, Mozilla FireFox®, and Apple® Safari®