HotDocs Workspace

In order to manage access to templates, answer files and other content for use with HotDocs Server 10, you need a web application, commonly referred to as a host. A host acts as an interface for organizing and accessing web-based document assembly templates libraries.

Depending on your specific business requirements, you may choose to design and implement your own web host application. Should you require assistance with this process, the HotDocs Professional Services team is available to help. Alternatively, you can use one of the prebuilt web host applications (HotDocs Workspace, HotDocs Workspace for Sharepoint, HotDocs Template Portal) that are included with HotDocs Server. These applications are free and available upon request when you buy HotDocs Server.

HotDocs Workspace is available as a source code product, meaning that your license entitles you to modify the source code to fit your workflow requirements, an essential part of integrating HotDocs Workspace and HotDocs Server 10 into your enterprise workflow.