HotDocs Workspace for SharePoint - Features

Manage Templates

  • Choose where templates and answer files are stored in SharePoint®.
  • Create a shortcut to a particular template interview using SharePoint®® Links Web Part.
  • Specify which templates you want to allow for assembly.
  • Assign different groups read/write access to manage each user’s access to templates.
  • Save and store your assembled documents in SharePoint®.
  • Subscribe to SharePoint®’s document library to be notified of updates to HotDocs files.

Assemble Documents

  • View templates using the Preview button before assembling it.
  • Use data in SharePoint® lists to answer template interviews.
  • Run interviews in JavaScript or Silverlight® code.
  • Download finished document as a Word® file or PDF (you have the option of choosing either SharePoint®’s or HotDocs’ PDF converter).