HotDocs Workspace for SharePoint

HotDocs Workspace for SharePoint is a web part that works in conjunction with HotDocs Server 10, facilitating rapid document production with a Microsoft® SharePoint® site.

Once HotDocs Workspace for SharePoint has been installed, you can upload your HotDocs templates and answer files to SharePoint®. To generate a document, all you need to do is select the template and answer the associated questions, or you can choose to assemble the document based on a pre-existing answer file. Either way, the resulting document will be available for preview in SharePoint®. You can save the document in SharePoint® or download it as a word processor file or PDF.

Answers entered during the interview can be saved as an answer file in SharePoint® or downloaded to a local machine for later use. Using SharePoint®'s built-in workflow capabilities, you can also subscribe to alerts when new documents are created or answer files are saved.

HotDocs Workspace for SharePoint is available as a source code product, meaning you can modify the source code to fit your business requirements.