HotDocs Corporation has two levels of resellers:

  • Platinum Partners are authorized to sell HotDocs products as well as provide integrations and support for all HotDocs products, including HotDocs Server 10 and other server-based technologies.
  • Gold Partners are authorized to sell HotDocs products as well as provide integrations and support for desktop-based products only. (They are not authorized to integrate with and support server-based technologies.)


With decades of high-level development experience, Affinity Consulting’s HotDocs team specializes in automating the workflow and document generation for law firms and legal departments nationwide. Solutions include Word, WordPerfect, and PDF template development, HotDocs Server deployment, and template development training. Affinity also creates custom HotDocs integrations with Outlook, case management applications (including Amicus Attorney, Time Matters, Practice Master, Client Profiles, LawBase) and CRM software. With 7 developers, no project is too small or too big, including the creation of commercial template sets designed for re-sale.

Affinity Consulting focuses on serving the needs of the legal community. Four of our seven developers are attorneys and all are legal automation experts who understand the unique complexities of automating legal documents.

With five offices nationwide, Affinity Consulting offers a variety of legal technology products and solutions in the following areas: document automation; case and practice management; time, billing, and accounting; document management; document scanning and imaging; litigation support; advanced legal training in Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat; digital dictation and speech recognition; and a wide range of IT services from hardware to help-desk. Affinity Consulting also provides software education through customized training as well as online courses at Affinity University.

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Docugility’s team of lawyers, paralegals, project managers, business analysts and software engineers has more than a decade of experience providing HotDocs and Microsoft consulting services. Whether it’s case and practice management software for law firms or complex documentation automation for healthcare, leasing, corporate finance, insurance, agricultural lending, asset-based lending, factoring, or accounts receivable financing companies, we know how to match your needs and our abilities quickly and effectively. No buzzwords. No techno speak.

With three offices covering the U.S., Docugility offers a wide range of consulting services from coast to coast. Docugility can leverage our collective experience with HotDocs, HotDocs Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Database integration, Workflow, Mobile Device, and .Net web application development to provide integrated, end-to-end solutions that make sense for your business.

Find out why GE Capital, SunTrust Bank, UPS Capital, Heller Financial, Washington Mutual Bank, and CIT Group have trusted their documentation automation needs to Docugility.

If you want a HotDocs consulting firm that speaks your language, contact Bethany Deal Keaveny at

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Document & Data Solutions specializes in the automation of common tasks your company deals with every day. We are experts in the fields of Document Automation and Practice Management software, specifically HotDocs, Time Matters, and PCLaw.

We are certified resellers, trainers, and consultants for these applications.

We became experts by working for law firms and corporate legal departments as practicing attorneys, paralegals, and IT specialists, actually implementing and using the solutions we work with in real-world environments.

Legal Systematics helps people work more effectively through document automation systems. We offer a range of web-based and desktop products, including ready-to-use template sets, hosted environments (Software as a Service), and tools for application developers. We sell, integrate, and support the full HotDocs product line, including HotDocs Server.

Our SpeedMatters line includes template sets for Canadian jurisdictions in the areas of accident benefits claims, small claims, civil litigation, estate planning, and corporate formation and maintenance.

The Legal Systematics team has special expertise with complex projects, online modes, integrations, and multi-lingual aspects. We’ve done many conversions from legacy systems and alternative platforms. We have integrated document assembly systems with case management software, database management software, document management systems and other applications.

Legal Systematics is owned and operated by four of the world’s most experienced document assembly veterans – Bart Earle, Doug Simpson, and Marc Lauritsen – who are lawyers with solid practice backgrounds and deep technology experience spanning multiple decades. We have specialized in HotDocs and related products, such as CAPS, from their earliest days. We've done hundreds of projects for clients throughout North America and elsewhere, including top law firms, law departments, corporations, and legal services organizations. Our superb network of affiliates helps us deliver quality results on budget and on time. You will enjoy working with us.

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You can trust AvidLaw to develop and maintain your document production solutions. For decades, we’ve worked with law firms, financial institutions, and corporate executives to turn their document production problems into efficient solutions.

Who has turned to AvidLaw for HotDocs excellence? In addition to top tier law firms such as Davis Polk & Wardwell, Schulte Roth & Zabel, and Proskauer Rose, and insurance companies including John Hancock and Pacific Mutual, we’ve teamed up with LexisNexis, First Solar, and other clients large and small to enhance productivity through high quality document assembly solutions.

From our base in Arizona, we work with clients from Boca Raton, FL to Seattle, WA, implementing well-designed solutions for the mission-critical production of legal documentation. Let our thorough understanding of HotDocs enhance your expertise and experience. Together we can streamline your workflow to improve your efficiency, document quality, and productivity.

Call AvidLaw today to discuss your unique needs. We will help you design a custom system that takes advantage of the best technology, your expertise, and ours.

AvidLaw, LLC
phone: 480-361-1324

General Networks provides document and content management solutions to public sector and Fortune 1000 clients. Our SharePoint, Open Text, and Workflow Practice Groups help your organization’s customers, employees, and partners work efficiently with your document-intensive business processes. We create business process improvement for document assembly and forms applications using HotDocs Developer and Server components.

We have built integrated solutions for a wide variety of business processes and practice areas, including accounts payable, HR, e-Learning, shareholder services, intellectual property, e-Filing, facilities management, project document control, correspondence management, tax records, and customer relationship management.

Our content management solutions include integration with products from SAP, Microsoft, webMethods, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Adobe, Lombardi, Dun & Bradstreet, SunGard Data Systems, Plateau, Gensource, HotDocs, Kofax, and custom built line-of-business applications.

Doug Miller has been working with HotDocs products in the legal market since 1999. He has built regional template sets in the areas of Real Estate, Wills, Estates, as well as Dependent Adults. Future endeavors include packages for Family Law, Corporate, and Foreclosures. Additionally, the company has done a great deal of custom template development for clients including Court Orders for Alberta Justice, Insurance claim statements and Federal Hepatitis C forms. Granville Software is a leader in template development because we listen carefully to user requirements and build remarkable solutions to save people time and effort.

HEH Business Systems, Inc. was formed in 1990 by Holly E. Humphreys, C.P.A. It provides consulting services to the legal community, including document assembly, practice management, accounting and billing services. Holly works with a team of experienced document assembly professionals to take clients through all phases of the template creation process from initial design through quality control, installation and training.

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In the early 1990's, HotDocs began its journey that would lead it to market leadership as the document automation system best suited for real world solutions. In 1995 Intelligent Words, Inc. was founded based on the premise that HotDocs made it possible for real people to build and maintain real solutions for themselves and their organizations. This decision was rooted in our founder's experience of building national scope systems in government and corporate service venues. This experience was informed by the conclusion that HotDocs empowered people to build and maintain extraordinary document generation systems.

Since that founding through today, the Intelligent Words team has consistently provided high quality, responsible, and responsive document automation services for innovative clients in legal, corporate, real estate, and government communities. Those clients have changed document automation from an innovation skill into a standard that market leaders recognize as an essential element in their backbone toolkit. Our founder has often said: "We take a fast two hour drafting process and enable our clients to do it in a slow two minutes." Our clients tell us that this compression is initially 40 to 1 and gets better with their refinement!

We focus on helping you gain the power of document automation using HotDocs, the world leader in document automation. We have empowered many clients in areas such as commercial leasing, contracts, estate planning, corporate forms, and in integrating document automation into large scope, comprehensive business processes.

Visit for more information on how we can work with you to find the most appropriate solutions for your large or small document automation needs.

Lawtopia is a partnership of nine of the most successful legal technology service providers in the country. Our members include attorneys, experienced law firm staff, certified public accountants and information technology professionals. Every member company brings a wealth of experience providing legal technology services to clients of all sizes.

Jeffrey S. Krause
Waterford, WI

Neil A. Johnson
Spring Grove, IL

Craig Bayer
New Orleans, LA

Carol Schlein
Montclair, NJ

ProBill Law Firm Solutions began its life in 1986 principally as an outsourced bookkeeping service for the Palm Beach County, Florida legal market. In the early 90's, ProBill decided to improve the technology used by its law firm clients and went on a national search for better legal-specific software solutions.

With that search, ProBill decided it could better service the marketplace as a value-added reseller of not only TB&A software but also workflow management solutions.

Fast forward to today, we are one of the largest dealers, implementers, and trainers of legal-specific firm solutions in the country. We have over 4,500 law firms as clients and are growing at a rate of over one law firm a day.

We are a closely held partnership, with technologists including attorneys, a CPA, and a law professor. We offer remote assistance as well as travel from Bermuda to Mexico and Alaska to Trinidad consulting with our clients.

Please visit our announcements on the home page for more recent news. If you would like to contact us, either visit our website or write to us at

REAL Automation Solutions has a staff of experienced, legally-trained experts in HotDocs document automation. We focus on creating automated documents that are easy to use and making complex tasks simple. We have been providing HotDocs programming and consulting since 1998.

Since 1997, Whizomation, Inc. has been automating law firms and other businesses throughout California, with a special emphasis on document assembly and HotDocs document assembly software. Our motto is "work smarter, not harder" and our mission is to eliminate duplication of effort. By using HotDocs as a stand-alone product, or integrated with other databases such as Amicus Attorney, Time Matters, or Outlook, standardized documents can be produced in minutes, sometimes seconds, free of errors. This is true for simple documents, like letters, as well as complex contracts, trust forms, or court forms. The end result is an increase in productivity, improvement in quality, and an overall increase in profits for our clients.


Established in 1990 and based in Melbourne, Australia, our company provides a wide range of IT professional services.

Comware specialises in document management and assembly. We are heavily involved in the legal industry of Australia.

As part of our services, we create automated documents for our clients and develop their delivery systems, both on desktop-based and online-based platforms, utilising the full suite of HotDocs products.

Contact us today to see how HotDocs and Comware can assist your firm with document production.

Tel.: +61 3 94592522
Fax: +61 3 94592544

Softdocs specialise in providing automated precedent templates and document management to law firms throughout Australia. Utilising HotDocs with their Lawdocs interface, Softdocs provide a simple to use, efficient and effective method of producing court documents, forms and letters for most jurisdictions in Australia.

Softdocs automated precedents are also integrated with several practice management programs these include Lexis Nexis Affinity, Open Practice, LawWare, Fujitsu InfinityLaw and LawMaster. Softdocs provides nationwide consulting, training and support services for HotDocs, Lawdocs and Microsoft Office. Softdocs also provide a template development service for the creation of custom precedents.