HotDocs Document Automation Products

HotDocs is a market-leading software suite that significantly reduces time spent generating custom documents, such as contracts, sales proposals, government and court forms, and legal documents.

Commonly referred to as document automation or document assembly software, HotDocs allows you to transform any word processor file or PDF form into an interactive, rule-based template. Next time you need a custom document, you select the template, which then runs you through a question/answer interview. After

Document generation, document automation, document assembly software model

you complete the interview, HotDocs uses the answers to generate a finished document.

Virtually any document or form in your workflow can be converted to a HotDocs template, no matter how lengthy or complex. And HotDocs templates can be integrated with databases, practice management systems, case management systems, CRMs, and other vital components of your organization's document generation infrastructure.

HotDocs template libraries can be deployed on the desktop via HotDocs User or on the World Wide Web via HotDocs Server coupled with a companion host application, such as HotDocs Template Portal, the HotDocs Sharepoint Web Part, or a custom host, built specifically to integrate into your enterprise's workflow.