HotDocs Server 10 - Features

When a user accesses HotDocs Server 10 via a webhost, HotDocs Server 10 delivers to the user’s browser an interactive, template interview, which consists of HTML and either JavaScript code or Silverlight code, depending on a configuration switch in HotDocs Server 10. For libraries of templates having short-to-medium size interviews, a JavaScript configuration may be adequate. However, for libraries of templates having long, sophisticated interviews, a Silverlight configuration is a much better choice based on performance criteria.

This performance boost results from a key difference between how JavaScript and Silverlight code are processed by browsers. JavaScript is interpreted code, meaning that it is written in human-readable text. When JavaScript code arrives, the browser must translate (interpret) each line of the text-based code into machine code before it can be executed. For HotDocs interviews that contain extensive business logic, this interpretation process can take significant time. With Silverlight, all of the interview business logic is compiled into machine code on the server, enabling the browser to process it much more quickly. The result is that complex HotDocs interviews run several times faster than they would with JavaScript.

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