HotDocs Server 10

HotDocs Server 10 is a technology that enables web-based document assembly, allowing you to deploy HotDocs templates via the Internet, either on a consumer-facing web site or on a corporate intranet site. HotDocs Server 10 must be deployed in conjunction with a web application, commonly referred to as a host, which serves as an interface for managing and accessing web-based HotDocs templates. Several web applications are available (HotDocs Workspace and HotDocs Workspace for SharePoint), or you can have HotDocs' consultants build custom host applications to your exact specifications.

HotDocs Server 10 is big-system software built with the flexibility and foresight to function as foundation-layer technology in virtually any enterprise, no matter how large and dynamic.

To learn how HotDocs Server 10 can add to your bottom line, call us today.

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