HotDocs Server 10 - What's New

  • HotDocs Server 10 includes a configuration switch that allows interviews to be JavaScript-based or Microsoft Silverlight-based
  • Silverlight interviews have an updated look and feel
  • Silverlight interviews are compatible with multiple browsers
    • Windows—Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox
    • MAC OS—Safari, Firefox
  • Silverlight interviews run ten to twenty times faster than JavaScript Interviews
  • HotDocs Server 10 is compliant with Unicode Standard

Note: Although all platforms supported in previous versions of HotDocs Server are supported in HotDocs Server 10, your host application may require some minor adjustments when you upgrade to HotDocs Server 10. For more information, see the HotDocs Server 10 help file under "Upgrade an Existing HotDocs Server Host Application."

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