Document Automation Consulting

The HotDocs® Consulting team includes experienced lawyers, project managers, and software engineers committed to assist you with your HotDocs® projects.

We are happy to work with you to review your current business processes and define requirements for your own HotDocs® system. Contact a HotDocs® sales representative for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

Team members are available for consultation in the following areas:

System Integration

Whatever systems your organization currently uses, HotDocs Consultants can develop and implement a customized integration plan to leverage your existing systems and extend your capabilities with HotDocs. Your organization will save time, reduce errors, and enjoy all the benefits of a fully integrated workflow system. Popular projects have included integrating HotDocs document automation with databases, contact management, document management, and case management systems. Most any system that has an open API can be integrated with HotDocs.


HotDocs is often used as a standalone product that does not share information with other applications. Users often find themselves re-entering information from their case management system to HotDocs, which causes unnecessary and costly repetition of labor – not to mention potentially costly data entry errors.

HotDocs Solution:

By integrating HotDocs software with other important systems, you can retrieve and write information to and from other applications. Data is entered only once into one application and then shared between two or more applications. The end result is a more efficient workflow coupled with reduced opportunity for error.

Your particular solution may incorporate a variety of HotDocs products, including HotDocs® User, HotDocs® Developer, and HotDocs® Server. In addition, your solution will leverage your existing systems – including databases, contact management, document management, case management, and workflow. HotDocs Consultants have experience with many leading brands of systems, including: Oracle, Symantic, Elite, iManage, Hummingbird, WorldDocs, Time Matters, Amicus, Microsoft, and many others.

Maximizing the return on investment of a HotDocs® solution often means integrating with your existing systems, whether they be existing data sources, work flow applications or document management systems. The HotDocs® Consulting team provides a wealth of experience in system integration using the open application programming interfaces (API) available in HotDocs® products. The HotDocs® API allows for a flexible framework that can be tightly integrated with your existing systems.

As a common example, data can be pulled from existing practice management systems, client relationship management systems or other data stores into a HotDocs interview, thereby eliminating redundant data entry, reducing the possibility of error and increasing the overall efficiency of document creation. Specific workflows can be created to meet your specific document generation and approval processes. On the back end of your workflow, HotDocs can also be integrated with your current document management system, allowing you to profile and store your newly-assembled documents.


Template Development

Ideal for organizations that need to produce large numbers of documents, or that have document quality concern issues, this solution delivers expert Document Assembly Solutions from application design and development through testing and project implementation and beyond. The result is document automation systems that dramatically improve your workflow. Consultants typically begin with a project feasibility study. They then develop specifications for each template and work with your experts to gather documents and business rules. From there, they automate your document preparation process.

The HotDocs Professional Services team doesn’t stop there. They run each system through a comprehensive testing program and are available to provide training and implementation guidance.


An organization needs to produce large numbers of document templates, needs the highest quality document templates, or needs assistance capturing knowledge from subject matter experts (often lawyers) and incorporating it into a document automation system. The organization may be a law firm, a corporation, government agency, insurance agency, or financial institution.

HotDocs Solution:

HotDocs Consultants deliver a best-in-class document automation system that is fully tested, leverages all of the appropriate advanced features of HotDocs software and may even integrate with your existing systems. The results are

  • Consistent documentation without the need for extensive proofreading
  • Quick turnaround for documentation to enhance service levels and allow you to produce your document first in a transaction, which allows negotiations to be from your firm’s documents instead of your clients’
  • Complex document sets that can easily be produced for varying data for the same transaction

HotDocs Consultants provide experience and maturity as well as a standard methodology that combine to ensure your project will be completed on time and on budget.
Plus, HotDocs Document Assembly Solutions integrate with the systems your organization is accustomed to – including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, DOCSOpen, iManage, Worldox, and Internet Explorer.

Consultants can help you organize and mark up your documents, create HotDocs® templates based on those documents, automate your templates using best practices to take full advantage of all HotDocs® features and functions, and design the HotDocs® interviews end-users will work through in order to assemble custom documents. With over 20 years of collective experience automating a wide variety of documents in many different industries, our consultants have the know-how and the technical expertise to build a HotDocs® system that maximizes your efficiency and ROI.