Document Automation Consulting

With HotDocs Premium Services, customers can speak directly with HotDocs Consultants for help on sophisticated topics such as template development and integration issues. With this exclusive service, HotDocs Consultants provide extra help for new users, advanced users, and other customers who want to consult an expert. It’s like having your own private expert to provide insightful and timesaving tips, solve challenging problems, and guide you through new experiences.


Your organization would like assistance in automating a new documents template or graphical form. Assistance with application or customized template development is not provided by HotDocs Customer Service, so you need to speak with a HotDocs Consultant.

HotDocs Solution:

You may call to receive telephonic consulting assistance

Premium Supportunder the HotDocs Premium Services program. This premium service, provided on a per-incident fee basis, allows you to speak with a HotDocs Consultant who will personally assist you in solving complex issues. If an immediate solution is not readily apparent, your HotDocs Consultant will discuss the issue with other consultants or even the HotDocs development team.

Contact HotDocs by calling (801) 615-2200 to find out how our Premium Services can help you.