Document Automation Project Management

HotDocs Project Managers are extremely experienced at managing complex multi-application implementations, as well as individual and less complex projects. They are qualified to coordinate schedules and communication between HotDocs Consultants, client resources, and even third-party resources to create a smooth, fast, and seamless project.

Leveraging the proven HotDocs application development and project management methodology, your HotDocs Project Manager can minimize the risks of your HotDocs implementation project. Our phased approach provides a scalable method of handling projects, regardless of size or complexity. Each phase contains explicit instructions, including players involved, required documents, and their recipients.

We have consistently found that clients who employ the HotDocs Project Management are more satisfied with their results.


Your document automation or other services project – currently managed internally or by a third party – begins to slip on time or budget, usually because of one of the following reasons:

  • Lack of identification of project risks
  • Scope changes that are not identified or tracked
  • Internal conflicts on what the project should do
  • Inadequate design of the actual deliverables
  • Incomplete testing or lack of testing methodology to systematically uncover programming bugs
  • Document language has not been agreed upon

Project Management

HotDocs Solution:

Often it takes the pain of missed deadlines and unpredictable results to recognize the need for professional project management assistance. To prevent this, virtually all HotDocs Professional Services clients use a HotDocs Project Manager to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of their document automation projects.

The HotDocs project management methodology includes structured checkpoints throughout the implementation phases to ensure appropriate requirements, integrations, and approvals are received prior to proceeding with additional phases. HotDocs Consultants facilitate meetings to help clients reach a consensus on application design and provide project management services. The testing methodology ensures templates will comply with the design. The change process provides you with the opportunity to judge the importance of change requests and incorporate them into the current project – with full understanding of the costs of accepting such changes or the need to push them out as a future enhancement to the project.