Document Automation Training

The HotDocs® Training team brings over 30 years of HotDocs® training and consulting experience to the table, ensuring you receive the highest-quality HotDocs® training experience available. Training is available through courses held regularly via webinar or on site (usually at your place of business). The following courses and options are currently available:

HotDocs® I

Taught monthly via webinar but also available on site, this course teaches HotDocs® fundamentals from the ground up. You’ll first learn how to use HotDocs® as an end-user, selecting templates from a library and working through the interview process to produce custom documents.

The course then switches to a hands-on development workshop. Training lessons and exercises in this part of the course include:

  • how to create templates and template libraries
  • how to create HotDocs® variables, IF logic, REPEAT functions (to generate lists within a document or to repeat text as needed), custom dialogs and INSERT templates
  • the ins and outs of managing HotDocs® variables, dialogs and other components across multiple templates
  • project planning and design, best practices, and lots of tips and tricks to maximize your efficiency, proficiency and ROI

HotDocs® II

Taught quarterly via webinar but also available on site, this course builds on the material covered in HotDocs® I and provides more hands-on practice and experience with HotDocs® features and functions at an intermediate to advanced level. Topics include

  • computation scripting (with several “real world” examples of computations you’ll likely find useful in your own templates)
  • dialog scripting to make your dialogs more powerful and dynamic
  • pulling answers from sources other than a standard HotDocs® answer file (including compliant databases using the HotDocs® Database Connection feature)
  • “publishing” templates for distribution to other users

Custom Training

If you determine that a more intimate, hands-on, in-depth training would be more appropriate than the standard courses above, we can provide a custom training to meet your needs. We can work with you to determine how much training is needed, who should be involved on your end, what topics to cover and the extent to which they will be covered. We can do this via webinar or on site at your place of business. Contact a HotDocs® sales representative to discuss options and pricing.