On a global basis, Publishers of legal forms have recognized the power and flexibility of HotDocs as a delivery platform. By transforming word-processor-based documents and PDF forms into interactive HotDocs templates, a Publisher dramatically increases the value of its product offerings and differentiates itself as a leading-edge vendor.

Using HotDocs Developer, a publisher can automate an entire family of forms and documents from a single component file and deliver them to its customers as a single forms product. Subscribers to the product can then generate entire families of related documents and forms from the same set of answers. The publisher’ value proposition to its subscribers rises dramatically: much better documents, much faster, and for much less expense.

Publishers can distribute HotDocs-based content using free, desktop-based, HotDocs Player software, or can deploy in the cloud using HotDocs Server. A variety of licensing arrangements are available.

HotDocs Solution - Forms Publishing