HotDocs User 10 - Features

Complete Interviews and Assemble Documents

  • Change the font properties of interview text, and assign custom colorscolours to items in the assembly window.
  • View an outline list of interviews used in the template. Click on an icon to move to that interview.
  • View and answer questions in the dialog pane. Access additional information about questions in the resource pane.
  • Preview the assembled document right in the assembly window. In Word documents, edit answers while you preview.
  • See summaries of questions and answers.
  • Save your answers any time during assembly. Switch answer files at any time, as well.
  • Edit the text of the assembled Word document while previewing at the assembly window
  • Assemble documents using international languages that are supported in the Unicode character set.

Directly Fill Form

  • Click the Form Document tab during the interview and enter answers directly on the form.
  • Send any answers that don’t fit in the answer field to an addendum.
  • Customize the appearance of the addendum. Customize references to it from the form.
  • Use answer wizards to help enter the correct information in the form fields.

Run Post-Assembly Instructions in Assembled Documents

  • Attach Word or WordPerfect macros to a HotDocs document generation template.

Instructions in the macro will be executed after the document is assembled and saved, printed, or viewed in the word processor.

Answer Files

  • Choose which answers to use when you start an assembly.
  • Save answers when you complete an interview in either native HotDocs format or XML format. (XML format lets you integrate your answer files with other applications that support XML.)
  • Import answers you get from other users into Answer File Manager and add the file to your recently used lists
  • Preview existing answers before selecting an answer file for an interview.

Integrate HotDocs with Other Applications You Use Each Day

  • Store HotDocs templates and run HotDocs from your network server.
  • Integrate with Sharepoint sites and Document Management Systems from companies like Interwoven.
  • Integrate with case management systems like Time Matters™, Case Master, AbacusLaw, Amicus Attorney, Elite Encompass, JustWare, Practice Manager, LawBase, ProLaw, and others.

Use Model Documents

  • Use HotDocs User 10 to assemble model documents.